What Should STC’s Vision Be?

by James Cameron on 18 October 2011

Guest post by Larry Kunz, STC Fellow and Strategic Planning manager

The STC Board of Directors is considering changing the Society’s vision statement. The vision statement answers the question, “What would the world look like if everything went perfectly for STC and the people we serve?”

Why is a vision statement important? It represents the consensus view of an organization and its leadership about the direction in which the organization should go. It forms the basis for establishing plans and goals. It gives outsiders, including prospective members and business partners, insight into what the organization values most.

Here is STC’s current vision statement:

Technical communication is recognized as an essential part of every organization’s competitive strategy.

Do you think that vision statement reflects your vision of the ideal world? What do you like about the vision statement? What do you dislike? If your vision for STC is different from that reflected in the statement, how is it different?

I hope that all of you will respond. Use the Comments section below, or respond on Twitter using the hashtag #stcvision.

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