Upcoming Webinar on 19 June: Targeting Content to Your Users’ Goals

by James Cameron on 17 June 2014

In today’s business environment, everyone is doing more with less. How do you provide the content your users need, when they need it, with fewer people and less time to do it? Get help with the live Web seminar Targeting Content to Your Users’ Goals, presented by Alyssa Fox on Thursday, 19 June, from 4:00-5:00 PM EDT (GMT-4).

Taking into account these factors, along with our agile environment, the presenter’s team started shifting toward content targeted to achieving users’ goals. This type of content gives specific information when and where necessary, documents best practices, provides extensive and relevant examples, and does not document the obvious or easily discoverable.

Working in the faster pace of an agile environment and having more frequent interaction with user advocates and users led their team to rethink the content they were providing and in what format. They now provide more targeted text documentation, run usability tests to improve the UI and add embedded user assistance, and have started doing videos. This presentation covers the following:

  • What is targeted content
  • How targeted content helps improve the overall user experience and reduces costs
  • How the structure of agile affects your deliverables
  • How to use customer feedback to change the type of content you offer
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