From the Hart: Blogging with Hillary Hart

by James Cameron on 18 April 2012

Posted on behalf of STC President Hillary Hart

Now that the STC Elections are over, I want to congratulate the winners and thank all the candidates. The robust campaigns you ran strengthen STC as an organization and as a nexus of thoughtful and informed discussion.

I’d like to turn now to a summary of strategic initiatives the STC Board has been focusing on these past few months.

First of all, as STC president, I have sent a letter to Representative Bruce Braley in support of his bill HR 3786, the Plain Regulations Act of 2012. As the bill itself states: “The purpose of this Act is to improve the effectiveness and accountability of Federal agencies to the public by promoting clear regulations that are easier for the Government to implement and for the public to comply with.” Sounds like a job for technical communicators. It is also an opportunity to voice support for an initiative very much in the public interest.

I hope you will join STC Board members by writing Rep. Braley to express your support for the bill and also by writing your representative to encourage him or her to vote for the Act when it’s presented for a vote. Check out the STC website for sample letters to use.

Secondly, you will find on a revised set of Strategic Goals for the organization. These are the five goals.

  1. Promote STC as the global leader in technical communication
  2. Communicate the value of technical communication
  3. Improve the practice of technical communication
  4. Establish and expand strategic partnerships
  5. Define the profession of technical communication

Over the next five weeks, I’d like to focus on one of these goals each week and describe how the STC Board and staff are working toward that goal. Let’s start with the first goal;

  1. Promote STC as the global leader in technical communication 

To strengthen the Society’s position as a global leader of the profession, STC is exploring appropriate partnerships with international organizations to set relevant standards and develop a common terminology for the profession. Our Standards Council sends representatives to international standards-setting meetings to ensure that STC has a voice in developing them.

We are also pursuing international marketing and partnership opportunities for STC educational programs and certification. In addition to developing a Certification program, we have developed an inventory of valuable courses and webinars, and we need to expose those programs and services to new audiences and potential new members. We are also developing new, high-quality educational programs and services to meet the current and emerging needs of technical communicators, including another virtual conference to follow up on the successful inaugural conference last November. Our goal is to provide the most robust professional and educational resources available to technical communicators.

And, finally, we are continuing to seek to improve the member/customer experience and market STC more aggressively internally and externally, something many of you have stressed in my conversations with you. In the very near future, we will launch member/customer satisfaction surveys, analyze the results, and develop an action plan to improve key areas. We will then report impact of the results to you.

So, what’s the strategic goal to discuss next week? Ahhh … perhaps the trickiest but most important one:

Communicate the value of technical communication!

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