From the Hart: Blogging with Hillary Hart on STC’s Alumni Renewal Offer

by James Cameron on 9 August 2011

I’m excited to announce a new effort from STC—the Alumni Renewal Offer to bring former members back into the fold. Before we email these alumni, however, I want to explain to our current members why we’re doing this.

As you know, we’ve lost members over the past few years. We greatly appreciate all of you who have stayed with us and worked hard to bring the Society to where it is today. We have made great strides in recovering from our financial trouble, and we have a lot to offer that wasn’t available to many of our former members: a certification program, more online education, a new website and social network, online publications, a free education archive, and more.

In addition to what we have to offer them, these alumni have a lot to offer STC and their profession as well. The more members we have and the more experience our members have, the more STC and the profession can continue to grow and improve. We want the expertise of these former members to help us continue to promote the profession.

We’re inviting our former members to come back, to see all the new benefits we have to offer, and to join again with a special rate for the rest of 2011. We’re also allowing them to renew at their previous seniority and to retain their total number of years of membership.

We’ll be emailing these alumni soon, but if you know a former member who you think would benefit from returning, please let them know to keep an eye out for our offer. Since many of these alumni may have a different email address than we have in our records, we’ll also have a banner up on the STC home page that explains the offer and invites participation. So please direct them to the STC website when the banner goes up. And if any of you have a question, please feel free to email our membership department.

The Board, the staff, and I remain committed to advancing the profession and improving the Society, and we thank you for the work you’ve all done and continue to do toward those goals.

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