Who should go to the #STC15 Leadership Program?

by Viqui Dill on 24 March 2015

The Leadership Program at the STC 2015 Summit http://summit.stc.org/ will be Sunday, June 21st, from 8 am to noon. The program offers an opportunity for STC community members to get together for sharing and learning. The program has a little something for everyone.

Open and free to all STC members

Don’t let the fancy name fool you. The Leadership Program is free and open to all STC members, whether they are officially in community leadership or not. So whether you just signed up yesterday, or are an elected officer in several communities, the Leadership Program is for you. And it’s free. [click to continue…]


The Leadership Program at the STC 2015 Summit http://summit.stc.org/ will be Sunday, 21 June, from 8:00 AM to noon EDT. The program offers an opportunity for STC community leaders past, present, and future to get together for sharing and learning. This year’s program will be a little different and for good reason.

You spoke out. We listened!

After the #STC14 Leadership Day in Phoenix, you gave us lots of great feedback. You spoke out about what you liked. You spoke out about what you didn’t like. We received suggestions about how to improve the program and we listened. This year’s program will incorporate many of your suggestions. [click to continue…]


New Member Benefit: Your STC Education Report Card!

by Marisa Seitz on 13 March 2015

New member benefit: education report cardSTC is pleased to offer a brand new members-only benefit: your personalized education report card, showing all education (including the Summit!) you’ve taken with STC in the past three years. Steps for accessing your report card are outlined after the jump. [click to continue…]


What percentage of features and functions do you think you use on your smartphone or any application on your PC? If you are like most people, you probably use only 20%. Jim Bird published an article called “Applying the 80:20 Rule in Software Development” in which he applied the Pareto principle to software and concluded that 80% of the users use 20% of the features. His theory made me think about my own observations of people and products.

The typical smartphone has as much processing power as the computer on board Apollo 11 that rocketed astronauts to the moon and back. Yet most people just use a smartphone for  games, instant messaging, listening to music, and phone calls. One can assume that only 20% of the people who know how to use a smartphone connect to an infinite number of Web applications and use intelligent assistants to query a variety of Web services. [click to continue…]


The Leadership Program at the STC 2015 Summit will be Sunday, 21 June , from 8 AM to noon. The program offers an opportunity for STC community members to get together for sharing and learning, and it won’t be the same without YOU. There are a number of reasons you’ll want to attend the Leadership Program.


The Leadership Program agenda has time set aside for one-on-one networking and ice-breaker activities. During the breakout sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to chat with your group about their superpowers and kryptonite. [click to continue…]


A Different View

by Marisa Seitz on 5 March 2015

The following post is by Christopher Ward, candidate for Vice President in the 2015 STC election.

I receive one email about 20 times a year. The scene changes, but the plot is always the same. Company does a review, decides to cut expenses and drastically reduces, or does away totally with the Technical Communications department.

“The business managers can write the documentation”

I cannot describe in words the level of frustration this ignorant mindset gives me, but I can tell you why it frustrates me. It frustrates me because in every situation, it should not be happening. That move devalues the product, decreases the customer experience, and eventually puts companies in the exact situation they were trying to avoid in the first place. A Technical Communications department is vital to a company’s continued success. If you understand how consumers make purchases and use products, then it is easy to see how a Technical Communication department can add value to companies. [click to continue…]


The following post is by Ramesh Aiyyanger, candidate for the Nominating Committee in the 2015 STC elections.

Greetings STC members! I’m Ramesh Aiyyangar, and I’m a candidate for the STC Nominating Committee.

I am passionate about technical communications and STC. My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion and compassion. I have had very early interests in writing. Though I graduated in science, I always wanted to pursue a career in writing. I earned a post graduate degree in Journalism and Communications, studied computers, and also learnt the German language. I entered the world of journalism and wrote several human interest and social articles for leading publications. Before joining the software industry (and specifically the technical communications field), I had multi-disciplinary experience across various fields, including: journalism, corporate communications, public relations, training, and management. The common thread though was communications. For 20+ years, I learnt the art and science of technical communications while developing and managing information. Currently, I am employed as Business Head – Technical Communications at Persistent. [click to continue…]


Consultant’s Corner at the 2015 Tech Comm Summit

by Marisa Seitz on 25 February 2015

Summit 2015Independent consultants are invited again this year to join the STC Consultant’s Corner at the 2015 Tech Comm Summit, 21-24 June in Columbus, OH. The Consultant’s Corner you the opportunity to market directly to your target audience and build valuable professional relationships with leading technical communicators from around the world. STC Consultant’s Corner provides an inexpensive way to participate in a large show while still being extremely beneficial in reaching your new prospects and current customers.

  • Take advantage of exhibiting at a large show
  • Space is sold on a first-come first-served basis
  • Limited space available in 3-foot sections
  • Skirted Table
  • Post-attendee list
  • Tabletop space is restricted to independent consultants who are registered in the STC database

[click to continue…]


Renew My STC Membership Again? Why Should I?

by Marisa Seitz on 24 February 2015

The following post is by Lisa Pietrangeli, candidate for Director in the 2015 STC elections.

Why did you renew your STC membership this year? Did you pay for your membership habitually or feel obligated to do so?

Do you ever question the value that membership provides your life, career, and company? Do you feel like you offer value as a member to other STC members? (‘Cuz it goes both ways, you know.)

Do you need to be a member of STC? [click to continue…]


AIIP Annual Conference—STC Member Discount

by Marisa Seitz on 12 February 2015

AIIP Annual ConferenceThe Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP) Annual Conference for 2015 is in Irvine, CA, 16-19 April. STC members are being offered a special discounted rate on early-bird registration through 1 March. The AIIP Annual Conference is a great investment for all info-centric professionals, independent and otherwise. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn, network, and participate in the AIIP community, check out the conference website today: http://www.aiip.org/conference